Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Linkedin company page | Create linkedin business page

Linkedin company page | Create linkedin business page – Here are all the steps required to create a free company page profile on linkedin. ( Linkedin uk )LinkedIn company page is used for business promotion on the internet and it’s necessary for every new start up in other to survive its first year. 
Linkedin company page | Create linkedin business page

Learning how to create linkedin company page is one very important thing you can do as a business man or woman, due to its long team potential benefits to your new or existing business.

 A good linkedin company page skyrocket your business and at the same time your online presence/authority, it helps you increase the number of people who get interest in doing business with you.
LinkedIn company page can sometime be unhelpful to a business person when the LinkedIn business page isn’t set up properly.

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How to create a linkedin company page

Creating a linkedin business page can be done in just five to ten minutes from here www.Linkedin.com. All you need is have list your proposed linkedin company page information and proceed to the business section of linkedin, this business section connect millions of  linkedin company page together and displays it to people who has interest in buying or selling any of their different goods/services. After clicking on the business click on get started to proceed with LinkedIn company page set up.

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How to setup a linkedin company page

  1. Enter your business name (Example: Philips Shoes). Most times your proposed linkedin company page might have been registered by another, if you encounter this kindly add another word to it like this (Philips Shoes Design) or (Philips Shoes Center London) Note this: If you are using your linkedin company page to do business in London kindly add London on it so that you will have high search presence on search engines like Google, Bing etc. When done that way your linkedin company page will be highly optimized for London and uk in general.
  1. Enter your company email address: Here you will have to enter a valid email address when setting up linkedin company page. Have this in the back of your mind; if you need to look more professional, you need to make your business name appear on the email address you will use on your linkedin company page example (Philipsshoes@kent.com or philipsshoes@shoeshouse.com) don’t use something like this (Jamesphilips@gmaill.com) on your linkedin company page.

  1. Page verification is required before you can proceed to setting up your account fully, kindly tick on linkedin company page verification tab just below the email option space and click on continue button. Verify your email by login into your business email, click on the linkedin company page email, open and follow the link on the mail.

  1. After confirmation, proceed to adding up your about, professional and contact information on linkedin company page and will be all.


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