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 On this post covering information about I will be showing you list of useful activities you can with your linkedin account. On my previous post I  discussed about how to get your dreamed job from, Read it now Linkedin jobs uk. is a professional social media connecting over 250,000,000 persons all over the globe. 
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This website was lunched with the sole aim of connecting majorly the unemployed with business managers/CEO and family and friends too. I registered for an account on like three years back, and since then I have been helping lots of people fix problems relating to website. This site is very free to move around for new users and returners (Registered members)

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LinkedIn website is marked as top ten website in the world by due to its daily/monthly visitors rate, increase its number of registered users per minute. This means that every one minutes of the day one to ten persons get a free account on

Read this: Linkedin Company Page can accessed with a mobile phone or computer set, through a mobile phone/computer web browser. owns a mobile version and desktop site version too, while accessing on mobile you will view the mobile version of, but if view with a laptop/desktop pc you will view the desktop version.

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This feature is only available to registered users only. With this you can easily sign into your free account on just by providing your email address and password on the login page. You can still download the app/software of linkedin on your android/windows device from website. how to resolve problems on the site

The major problem people encounter is misspelling the website like this www.linkedin.con, www.linkedin.comn and www.linkedin just note that the website is If you have any other problem apart from the above, while trying to access this linkedin website all you need do is visit either the discussion forum online or contact web admins.
For more information visit the main site from here Official website of LinkedIn  


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