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LinkedIn advertising costs - Guide for advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn advertising costs - Guide for advertising on LinkedIn -  By using LinkedIn advertising to advertise your business on LinkedIn, you expose your company and product to a very large market and in return have a high sales result. 
LinkedIn advertising costs - Guide for advertising on LinkedIn
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LinkedIn advertising helps business men and women who wishes to explore from their local market to global market. By joining LinkedIn you stand just one step ahead in taking your business to the next level.
Here on LinkedIn Uk i will be sharing you some simple LinkedIn advertising  tips on the amount you have to budget and also and also how how you can successfully manage your account.

How to create a LinkedIn advertising  account

LinkedIn advertising account is very different from the individual account and one need to create LinkedIn advertising account manually, its only when you have sign up for a business account that you can utilize the gold of LinkedIn advertising by setting up LinkedIn adds. Before you get a LinkedIn advertising account you need to first create a LinkedIn Company Page and link the business account to the page. To complete the sign up/ registration process follow the below steps.

  1. Locate business service at the upper right hand section of linkedin homepage to start LinkedIn advertising sign up 
  2. Select the advertise and you will automatically be signed in to the campaign manager 
  3. Once you are on the the LinkedIn advertising manager, you will have to select create your business account by moving your cursor over your name
  4. The next is to type the name you want to use for your company and select your company page from the drop down menu. 
  5. You are required to provide a name in the Nickname section of LinkedIn advertising set up page and this will be the name of the very company page you chose.
  6. After that just click on the create button and confirm that you have all the right to create a business LinkedIn advertising account with company page you used.

LinkedIn advertising costs

Below are the cost for advertising on LinkedIn
Minimum costs to spend when utilizing LinkedIn advertising for your business growth:
  1. The minimum daily budget is $10/day.
  2. The minimum CPC bid for LinkedIn text ads is $2.00/click. ...
  3. The minimum CPM bid for LinkedIn text ads is $2.00/1,000 impressions. ...
  4. The minimum daily budget (an optional feature for Sponsored Updates) is $10.


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