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LinkedIn recommendation examples - Generator

Linkedin recommendation examples - Generator - Writing a recommendation about a person LinkedIn is one sure way to create ex poser for yourself and the person you are writing about.

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LinkedIn recommendation is one very amazing tool on LinkedIn which helps you share the professional expertise of a friend, family member, co- worker or your boss with your connection on LinkedIn by just writing down a small detailed information. 

I will be sharing some helpful guide and sample on how you can write a standard/outstanding LinkedIn recommendation now and in future. Before that, I’ll  show you the importance LinkedIn recommendation of a well written recommendation on LinkedIn.
 LinkedIn recommendation is a free way by which a LinkedIn account holder can promote any one of his choice. In resent time a LinkedIn user said that he used LinkedIn recommendation  to get himself a better job in a bigger company Read this How LinkedIn jobs helped me secure a good job Another said that he increased his sale to up-to 70% after one of his closest friend used LinkedIn recommendation to advertise his company. Read this: Boost your company with a LinkedIn company page   Once you know the importance of recommending people to people on LinkedIn you will come to understand it high great value to your personal and business life. LinkedIn recommendation is surely one of the best way to sky rocket your business online.

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LinkedIn recommendation generator will no longer be of importance to you once you are done reading some samples of recommendation on this blog. Some generators often time misunderstand the information you want to pass to your connection, and when this happen it brings out out of point LinkedIn recommendation. Follow the below guide step by step.

How to write a LinkedIn recommendation

  • Include on your recommendation the level of your professional relationship with the person you are writing about
  • Specify the position(s) of the person on LinkedIn recommendation ( You can recommend the person single work/company or include all if he has more than one work.
  • Don't forget to include how the person you are writing about on LinkedIn recommendation helped in the company growth.
  • The final thing you have to do for the person is to provide few information on the aspect of working with the person.
Below is an example of LinkedIn recommendation or template of a good LinkedIn recommendation
I've worked with Philip Donald for three and half years. During that period , I've seen him  succeed in his job,  which is Filling documents. Philip mastered so many other things while at work and this gave him promotions. Due to his ability to learn new inventories he was uplifted to the post of a manager. This made him a role model for most of the staffs including me. In fact Philips good work has been making ways for him, I miss working with him. If you have any question about Linkedin recommendation simple drop it down on the comment box and you will get a reply.
Linkedin recommendation examples - Generator


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