Sunday, 15 May 2016

Kathleen Wills accused of 'misleading' on Linkedin she's a popular health guru

News reaching us now is that a Health experts who uses LinkedIn for her business has been accused by some LinkedIn users.  She was accused of making a statement which was described as misleading. She is an expert in naturally health. One of the top reasons for the accusations is that some people say that she is a self-professed health expert.

The name of the accused is doctor Kathlen will. She is an American citizen who practices natural medicine in Whangaparaoa, located in north Acukland. Dr Kathleen Wills’s described herself in a high naturalist manner as Integrative medicine specialist.

Her charge ranges from $250 (Two hundred and fifty dollars) and above. This charge is for each person that Transat business with her. When a client pays $250 dollars, which will be used to asses the person’s wellbeing only.  When a client re-visits her again, the client is bound to pay the sum of $125 (One hundred and five dollars).

According to the statement on her website, Dr Kathleen Wills said that she doesn’t prescribe medicine to clients, and that she is not a general practitioner. That was clearly written on Dr Kathleen Wills website.

When coming toward her internet expertise, she has actually blogged and written for some blogs. MiNDFOOD is one of the popular blogs she has actually blogged for. Good health choice magazine is actually where Dr Kathleen Wills’s is popular. According to a statement online, she published and dispensed health advice through MiNDFOODS.
You can read some of her Notes:

"I would never take the place of [a client's] GP, and I would even say that publicly. I'm not a qualified GP, as I state on my website. That's all I'm required to do in this country," she said.

"I help people. I give my heart to people."

Dr Kathleen Wills used through LinkedIn to inform some of her clients that about her online doctor of integrative medicine degree. She obtained this degree from the University of Medicine in Sante Fe, United States.  Dr Kathleen bagged first class at University of Medicine in Sante Fe, United States. 

It was gathered that her place of study is not a recognized center one been that it’s an online medical school. 


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