Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Microsoft acquires LinkedIn – How the sale of will help in it’s growth

Microsoft acquires LinkedIn – How the sale of will help in it’s growthMicrosofty new currently trending on LinkedIn now is the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft corporation. Microsoft is one of the best company in the world. Microsoft is now ready to help LinkedIn get to the next level of success. By buying linkedin , Microsoft will work hard in ensuring some of the loopholes inz LinkedIn get fixed.
LinkedIn was acquired for a total sum of 26.2 billion dollars. This money was paid cash to LinkedIn by Microsoft inc. That a whole lot of money, but if Microsoft will fix dome of the problems of LinkedIn then that won’t be a big deal. is an online meet up zone for employees and employers. Via LinkedIn you will search and find latest jobs in any part of the world. LinkedIn have so many things to offer to its first time users. Most people complains that LinkedIn is highly decreasing in the number of visitors unlike its mates like and google plus.

One of the reason why Microsoft have chosen to take a bold step in acquiring LinkedIn for  a whooping price of 26.2 billion dollar is due to their quest to fix LinkedIn. Microsoft wants to restore the dignity of this transaction will go a long way in making sure LinkedIn will regain its position back again as one of the giant social media/social networking platform.

Microsoft will now include LinkedIn in the list of third business. But have in mind that all the people who are already walking with LinkedIn will still remain with LinkedIn social network. The only thing that will be changed is just the right of ownership. Microsoft will be given the full right of ownership of
This latest development will be made available to all LinkedIn users either via media publicity or friends to friends talk. LinkedIn has been sold to Microsoft for 26.2 billion dollars. In case you have been asking how much was LinkedIn sold to Microsoft, that above figure will help answer your question.


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