Saturday, 2 July 2016

Microsoft bought LinkedIn because the robots are coming for your jobs

Microsoft bought LinkedIn because the robots are coming for your jobs
Finally Microsoft became the supper bidder in LinkedIn purchase. LinkedIn connects family and fiends together via The new purchase of LinkedIn by Microsoft will kindly help in the growth of LinkedIn.

Microsoft has designed a robot that will help in solving human problems via
LinkedIn is a world class business oriented online platform. You can get a better job via If you are a young graduate, you can successfully get a better job via LinkedIn jobs. LinkedIn jobs will help you secure a better and high paying jobs.  With the help of the new business from Microsoft, you will be able to secure jobs faster. Your job search will become even more easier. You can easily lots of work done on LinkedIn with just a simple click.

LinkedIn is now ready to be reshaped for good, you can get the best from LinkedIn now. You should have known that Microsoft purchased LinkedIn for serious business, they didn’t just pay billions of dollar’s for child’s play. Microsoft will help greatly in the advancement of LinkedIn through modern technology.

Every blessed day, scientists brings out new method of solving problem technically.
These new method in social media and social networking, are actually what Microsoft want to bring to LinkedIn. If you have an Account on LinkedIn, you will understand that they are some certain features that needs to be improved on. Some of the old method of dong thing on will gradually change with time.

Creating a LinkedIn account Is free, you can create your account online any time any day. Just visit and register today. Having an account on LinkedIn will give you the chance to get connected with people that matter’s most in the world. LinkedIn help in connecting employees and employer’s. Just sign up and search for the job that best define your certificate. Get haired today via LinkedIn.

Microsoft will improve the user experience of LinkedIn. Just join millions of other people online today via


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