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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

LinkedIn Mobile Apps: Download & enhance your LinkedIn user experience

LinkedIn Mobile Apps: Download & enhance your LinkedIn user experience – Here are lists of mobile apps you can download and step up your LinkedIn user experience. I have outlined all the apps below. You may have downloaded some of this LinkedIn application. But believe me, there are some you don’t even know that they exist. 

Once you download these LinkedIn apps listed below, you will enhance your use of LinkedIn and share stuffs faster with friends, co-worker and family. Take your job search to the next level. Download any of the below under listed apps and secure a meaningful job fast via

1. LinkedIn Mobile

2. LinkedIn Job Search
3. LinkedIn Lookup
5. LinkedIn SlideShare
6. LinkedIn Groups
7. LinkedIn Pulse
8. Linkedin Recruiter
9. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
10. LinkedIn Elevate

The above listed apps are the topmost used apps from LinkedIn Inc. I will give you brief explaining on each of the app. You will learn how you can use all the listed apps to step up your game on LinkedIn. If you haven’t gotten a LinkedIn account,, kindly use sign up today and join millions. 

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1. LinkedIn Mobile – These apps will help you get detailed information about your network latest happening. With the help of LinkedIn mobile app, you will always stay connect with friends and co-workers on a network. 

2. LinkedIn Job Search – With this app, you will say goodbye to stressful job search. Job search app from LinkedIn will help you get the right job faster.  Just search for the type of job you need and find it on the go. No more walking and looking for job street by street just sign in to LinkedIn and utilize this job application. Download and fell the ease of life. 

3. LinkedIn Lookup - This application is used to find people on linkedin. Use this app and find people that have the same profession with you. Go professional now with LinkedIn lookup application. You can find people, network and so many other things on LinkedIn using this app/tool.

READ THISLinkedIn recommendation examples - Generator

4. – This is the official learning center of LinkedIn, you can learn tips on how to improve your career life on the go. Also materials for learning can be view while in offline mode. Just join today and start leaning and improving via the entire expert-lead course online.

5. LinkedIn SlideShare – Now you can view the world most astonishing presentation via linkedin slide share app. This tool will enable you read works from top professional on LinkedIn, you will learn from their video and info graphics. 

6. LinkedIn Groups – Here is the right place to meet people with same interest. Just like facebook group where you can meet people that are motivated by same thing, you can still connect using LinkedIn. LinkedIn groups is so amazing, your professional lifestyle will never remain the same when you join any LinkedIn group. 

7. LinkedIn Pulse – You will get latest breaking news with this app. Industry news are shared on LinkedIn pulse, sign in now and see the trending news. 

Sunday, 15 May 2016

The LinkedIn milestone you need to reach

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Is it complete, with a photograph, and 500-plus connections?

If not, you are at risk of losing out on a wealth of networking and professional opportunities.

The only people who are using LinkedIn effectively in South Africa at the moment are recruiters - the white space exists in becoming a thought leader in your field or to get more sales for your business.

If you are interested in doing business in the rest of Africa, LinkedIn is a very useful tool to be using as LinkedIn adoption and usage is higher in most African countries than it is in South Africa.

I was at a conference in New York last year where the chief executive of LinkedIn spoke, and I sat there with my eyes out on stalks because I saw the future, and the future is LinkedIn.

“Delegates often ask why they should connect with people they don’t know on LinkedIn.

The purpose of LinkedIn is to expand your professional peer-to-peer network, so if it looks like someone has taken their profile seriously and is a peer of yours, then I would recommend you connect to them.

It is important to build your network until you have at least 500 connections.

And the reason you should have 500 connections is that LinkedIn ranks you accordingly.

Say, for example, someone was looking for a networking specialist. If I had 400 connections and someone else had 600 connections, then that person would come up before me in the search results because that’s how LinkedIn ranks you. And that’s why getting to 500 connections is a very important benchmark.

According to the latest LinkedIn South Africa statistics, membership increased by 38 percent in 2013.

There were more men than women on LinkedIn and the industry with the highest membership was financial/corporate.

The statistics also reveal that a LinkedIn profile puts you in impressive professional company:

Of the South African members, 15 percent are business owners, 10 percent are company directors; and 38 percent are in senior leadership positions.

LinkedIn is going to become a very powerful social networking tool and those who realise this sooner rather than later are going to be ahead of the pack.

* This article is based on a presentation that Helen Nicholson gave to the Wits Alumni, as a Wits Alumnus. Register for a LinkedIn workshop and make this tool work for you at

** The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Independent Media.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015 - Yahoo mail Login, Sign up form - Yahoo mail Login, Sign up form - You can now access fast from mobile or Pc. With yahoomail you will be able to send and receive mails from any person around the world, this emailing service offers both free and paid business email address to its users. I will guide you through registration process.

To start you will need to visit the mail portal/homepage and click on the sign up form. Enter your first and last name, chose an email address thats you like by typing it on the box/space. Chose a password for your mail, enter your mobile phone number, specify your country code, select your gender and period of birth.

 After entring all these information on sign up page, click on the sign up button to proceed to the next stage. You will need to complete yahoo mail mobile verification by typing in a code that will be sent to your phone number. Once done correctly, know that you have completed the yahoomail registration form for new account on page. After the sign up, you will use the below guide to sign in/Login to your accout.

1. Visit the yahoomail login page and enter your email address and password

2. Click on the yahoo mail sign button to login to your account.

Once login you can access your inbox, spam, and draft folder, you will also compose your mail to send message freely on mail.

If you ever forget your yahomail password, click on the forgot password button to recover/reset your lost password with or without phone number and alternative email address.

Resolving problems is very easy once you understand the problem.

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Using linkedin to boost business – sales

Using linkedin to boost business – sales
You can give your business a high level of recognition by exposing your product/ sales to the public. Linkedin is the world number one business network where business men/women meet and discuss on the effective ways to benchmark competitor.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Another way to sign up with Linkedin

Most times people find it difficult to sign up on linkedin with the sign up button. Here i will be sharing with you how you can sign up and join the conversation without the sign up button.

Using facebook will help you sign up. All you need is login your facebook account and use it to sign up.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Why LinkedIn is the best professional social network

Why LinkedIn is the best professional social network - Over the last five years I have been running a research on the best professional social network online. And I have come to conclude that LinkedIn is the best among all. During this period of sturdy I registered with so many others social network that offers professional service.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

LinkedIn sign up - LinkedIn registration

LinkedIn sign up - LinkedIn registration  - Meeting new and great friends on the internet is one of the most effective way to communicate today, LinkedIn sign up will lead you to linkedin, a place where lots of people meet on daily basis for several good reasons only when Linkedin registration is completed .

Some visit linkedin sign up page  for chat purposes while some visit it for job opportunities. This great social media has helped so many unemployed youth to get a job in a very fast and easy way.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

LinkedIn advertising costs - Guide for advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn advertising costs - Guide for advertising on LinkedIn -  By using LinkedIn advertising to advertise your business on LinkedIn, you expose your company and product to a very large market and in return have a high sales result. 
LinkedIn advertising costs - Guide for advertising on LinkedIn
Image credit:

LinkedIn advertising helps business men and women who wishes to explore from their local market to global market. By joining LinkedIn you stand just one step ahead in taking your business to the next level.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

LinkedIn help center contact number on forum

LinkedIn help center contact number on forum - Resolve your problems quick with else on LinkedIn social network. 
LinkedIn help center contact number on forum
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Getting help from LinkedIn query resolving center is done in just a click through,  either from its main official website or from other blogs like LinkedIn Uk You can also join the LinkedIn forum and to LinkedIn help.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

LinkedIn recommendation examples - Generator

Linkedin recommendation examples - Generator - Writing a recommendation about a person LinkedIn is one sure way to create ex poser for yourself and the person you are writing about.

Image credit goes to
LinkedIn recommendation is one very amazing tool on LinkedIn which helps you share the professional expertise of a friend, family member, co- worker or your boss with your connection on LinkedIn by just writing down a small detailed information. 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Delete linkedin account | How to disable linkedin account

Delete linkedin account | How to disable linkedin account -  Here is a complete guide on how to delete linkedin account. Its very simple to understand. 

Delete linkedin account | How to disable linkedin account
Image credit goes to

Delete LinkedIn account guide explains in full how to delete LinkedIn account and reasons why people chose to delete their account on LinkedIn.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

LinkedIn premium cost | Premium business account trial

LinkedIn premium cost |  Premium business account  trial  -  Upgrading to a premium account on LinkedIn helps you unlock  all great features of LinkedIn.
LinkedIn premium cost |  Premium business account  trial

It helps you to lighten up your professional lifestyle. LinkedIn premium is a highly special feature on LinkedIn; these enable users to become more popular in business and personal account. 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Linkedin groups tips - Rules for best practices

Linkedin groups tips - Rules for best practices - Discover groups in LinkedIn, that can help you boost your business and online presence, meet with people with similar interest with you. 

Linkedin groups tips - Rules for best practices

 LinkedIn groups are one of the worlds best Conner to share ideals with people that has same or mutual interest with you.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Linkedin company page | Create linkedin business page

Linkedin company page | Create linkedin business page – Here are all the steps required to create a free company page profile on linkedin. ( Linkedin uk )LinkedIn company page is used for business promotion on the internet and it’s necessary for every new start up in other to survive its first year. 
Linkedin company page | Create linkedin business page

Learning how to create linkedin company page is one very important thing you can do as a business man or woman, due to its long team potential benefits to your new or existing business.

Monday, 27 April 2015

How to use linkedin effectively for Business | Recruitment

( LinkedIn uk  How to use linkedin effectively for Business | Recruitment - Learn the best steps on how to use your LinkedIn account for your benefits. On this e-guide I will be reviling to you the best steps on how to use linkedin for your own good.  But before we proceed, I would like you to read this post Linkedin recruiter.

How to use linkedin effectively for Business | Recruitment

They are various ways on how to use linkedin to better your living and become the person you have dreamed of becoming for long.  People send hours online on social media sites like Facebook, twitter and linkedin chatting all day without finding how to use linkedin to either better their lives or that of people around them.
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LinkedIn uk ) sign in | Login | LinkedIn website – Access your account or register for, new account on Linkedin website. sign in | Login | Linkedin website

 On this post covering information about I will be showing you list of useful activities you can with your linkedin account. On my previous post I  discussed about how to get your dreamed job from, Read it now Linkedin jobs uk. is a professional social media connecting over 250,000,000 persons all over the globe. 

Friday, 24 April 2015