Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Samsung Galaxy S7 specification and features - Camera, RAM - 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 will have the most advanced specification and features from any another phone. Here we are going to talk about the specification and features of Samsung Galaxy S7 that is going to launch in 2016. But now it’s time for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge to Rock the world. Let’s take a brief look on what are the specs of Galaxy S6 and then we will talk about expected specs of upcoming Galaxy S7.

This year Samsung is reported to launch two variants of Galaxy S7 as we have seen with the release of galaxy S6 and s6 edge. Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 plus Smartphone’s will bear comparatively similar specification with some minor upgrades for Edge version. Both these Smartphones will come with 4GB RAM, but according few rumors Samsung can also introduce a 6GB RAM with its Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone. But we all known S7 is going to be Edge of tomorrow!.

“ Samsung Galaxy S7 ” : Next Big Thing!

So, as the name suggests Galaxy S7 is going to be a giant Beast and will be most anticipated galaxy phone ever. It’s going to come with a ultra-slim design that makes and powerful specification which makes it a super Smartphone.

Samsung has already started their preparation as they are exploring new ideas for a user-friendly mobile phone. Samsung has got few really good patents last year which they can use in its next flagship phone “Galaxy S7”. Here we are going to talk about “what can be the specs and features of next Galaxy Smartphone”.

Samsung Galaxy S7 specs (expected)

The comes with many really advance hardware and powerful software integrations for better performance and also it would have fast charging mechanism which enable’s you phone to get fully charged minutes. Let’s see the expected specs of upcoming GalaxyS7.

The recently launched Galaxy S6 and S6edge phones are working on 2.1 GHz Octa-core Exynos 7 chipset that are based on 64-bit architecture. But for the upcoming Samsung S7 Smartphone, we are looking for 2.3 GHz processor. Samsung has already started work on 14nm based 64bit processor which can result in high performance up to 2.5+GHz. So, we can expect this upgraded processor in upcoming S7.

According to recently launch Galaxy S7 benchmarks, we have seen that Samsung Project Lucky with Exynos 8890 motherboard. So, we can expect a great combination of Exynos M1 and Snapdragon 820 for next Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.
RAM and Storage capability:

Recently Samsung has announced LPDDR4 8GB module for mobile phones. These upgraded RAM’s will be designed with 20NM architecture which are faster than the desktop’s DRAM. But We think implementing 6 and 8GB RAM’s is not an easy task and also not a need today. Samsung is manufacturing Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone’s with 4GB RAM which is going to be quite impressive to get all your work at one go.

These phones will be available with 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB internal storage options but this time we are also expecting a micro SD card slot with upcoming GalaxyS7.

Display and design:

Samsung is well known for coming up with beautiful design and high-resolution display with their Galaxy S and Note series Smartphones. Recently launch GalaxyS6 has 5.1-inch large QHD display that uses SUPER AMOLED and offers 2560 X 1400 pixels of resolution. This time we are going to see a 5.2 inch large S7 Smartphone with SUPER AMOLED display having 4K resolution. While at the other hand, Galaxy S7 Edge version will have a bit larger display of 5.7 inches. Talking about the design of the upcoming Galaxy S7, there are many rumors floating over the web. It is going to have a slim design with curved edge corner.

Coming on manufacturing, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge mobile phones will have magnesium alloy body. According to recent leaks these smartphones are going to have a metal unibody design with smooth metal surface.

Galaxy S7 Camera Specs & features

GalaxyS6 and S6edge phones came with 16 MP back and 5.1 MP front camera’s, but I think upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a bit more than that. It is expected to have 20 megapixels ISOCELL back camera and at least 8 MP front camera. It will also have UFC 2.0 which is ultra fast storage feature for best video recording capabilities. # HMP Technology
If you are not aware of this technology, Samsung has introduced HMP (Heterogeneous Multi-Processing) technology with Exynos 5 that’s about 2 years back.. which enables your phone to use all cores for the maximum utilization and result in improved performance.
But this time Samsung will come with Cyclone HMP technology for much better performance with 64bit chipset.

# Superfast charging

The Galaxy S7 is rumored to have super fast charging enabled batteries that can be fully chargeable in just 5 minutes. The rumors look like promising, but I don’t think Samsung will be able to come with such an innovation which can fully charge in just 5 minutes.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

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Happy new month from linkedinuk tips center

Happy new month from linkedinuk tip center - I welcome you to another wonderful month, as you already know this the 10 month of 2015 and by the special grace of God we all will see the end of 2015. Am just wishing you and everyone arond you a safe and sound health till the last date of october. All lovers of linkedin i greate you, just keep on loving linkedin. All staffs of linkedin are wishing every one a happy new month. As you already know, this blog is not a property of Linkedin Inc. I have put up this blog just for the love of linkedin, and also to teach new members of linkedin how they can utilize their linkedin account. As you celebrate this new month, God will do a new thing in your life.

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Linkdin password recovey for lost password reset/change

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